Does your company need cyber-security training?

Does your company need cyber-security training?

Security Awareness Training

Cyber security is a huge issue these days, I don’t think I have to tell you that.  We are hearing about companies being compromised in the headlines more and more.  Large companies that have sophisticated defenses like Equifax, LinkedIn, Sony and Target are just a few.  However, smaller businesses are getting hacked every day.

Here is a statistic that you might not be aware of – 71% of data breaches occur in small and medium sized businesses. SMB data breaches typically don’t make headlines, but the results can be disastrous.  For instance, a Trucking company in Texas was recently attacked – they lost access to all of their critical systems and were forced to pay a ransom which they paid but never got their data or money back.  The worst part wouldn’t happen until later, it took the infiltrators a little bit of time to use the trucking company’s private data to develop their next attack..  A plan in which the hackers acted as the trucking company to attack all of their customers. Their incredible story can be read here.

A lot of these attacks are wide spread but a growing number are what we call targeted attacks. In a targeted attack, the bad guys will zero in on a particular victim and use a combination of several different attacks to penetrate and disable their network – then use that to their advantage.  They do this for one reason – it is extremely profitable.

We want to prevent anything like this happening to anyone, not just our clients. How can we stop this?  Antivirus software only stops known, wide spread attacks. The most commonly used method seen in the vast majority of attacks point to the weakest link in your IT network, your users. Through social engineering, phishing attacks, viruses and other worms, the end user unknowingly assists the hackers with breaking in. Of course, we can’t really fault them for this if we haven’t given them proper cybersecurity training.

We have developed a course that is designed to train everyone in your company on proper and safe computer usage, particularly focused on security best practices. Our courses are available online and can be taken at your own accord.  Users will be tested and will receive a certification upon completion and a passing score. What’s more is that we can offer a $150,000.00 cybersecurity insurance policy for companies whose users have all passed the training.

We want to help alleviate cyber security worries for good. Contact us to find out how you can try it out FREE with absolutely zero commitment.

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