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10 Common Situations Requiring Support From the IT Help Desk

When companies focus on customer and employee IT help desk assistance, they can enhance revenues by 4 to 8 percent? Our world is constantly changing technology! An IT help desk is the first place employees and clients can get help. The help desk comes to the rescue when employees and customers require assistance with any IT issues encountered.  As an IT support firm, we are accustomed to resolving common IT help desk problems and offering IT help on a daily basis. However, working more [...]

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How IT Services Help California Business Owners Succeed

Projections show that the global IT services market will reach a size of $2.56 trillion by 2030. If you own a California business, you probably already know that there's a lot of work involved. Trying to keep on top of everything isn't easy, so sometimes you might benefit from outsourcing work. One of the hardest things to manage within a business is IT systems, so this is likely one of the elements you want to have taken care of by an [...]