Author - jhenretta

Does your company need cyber-security training?

Cyber security is a huge issue these days, I don’t think I have to tell you that.  We are hearing about companies being compromised in the headlines more and more.  Large companies that have sophisticated defenses like Equifax, LinkedIn, Sony and Target are just a few.  However, smaller businesses are getting hacked every day. Here is a statistic that you might not be aware of – 71% of data breaches occur in small and medium sized businesses. SMB data breaches typically don’t make [...]

Outlook Signature Problem

We have gotten a few phone calls and emails asking about a problem that has been driving people mad. After opening outlook and then going to options --> mail and then clicking on the signatures button, outlook would crash. The version of office varied from office 2010 to office 2016. This one was a tough one. We tried upgrading to a newer version of office, making sure office was updated, various registry hacks, loggin in as another user [...]