Debunking the Most Common Myths About Managed Services Providers

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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Managed Services Providers

Debunking the most common myths about MSP’s

In this guide, we will be debunking common myths about MSP’s.

The global managed services market reached $215.14 billion in 2020. The market could grow by a CAGR of 12.7% by 2028. More businesses are recognizing the benefits of hiring managed services providers.

Despite this growth, there’s still a lot of hearsay about the IT industry. Here are nine common myths you’ll want to avoid.

After reading this guide, you’ll know the truth about managed IT solutions. Then, you can make a more informed decision with your Dana Point business in mind. 

Keep reading to debunk the most common myths about managed IT today!

1. Data Won’t Remain Secure

Many businesses worry their data won’t remain secure if they trust a managed IT company. In reality, it’s the opposite. Without managed services providers at your side, your data won’t remain secure.

In fact, hackers are growing smarter and more resilient. 

By the end of this year, global cybercrime could reach a total of $6 trillion. That number could rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. 

If your business falls victim to a hack, consumers might struggle to trust you. In fact, 59% of buyers will avoid companies that suffered from a cyberattack in the past year. They’ll tell their friends, impacting your brand’s reputation. 

Instead of leaving your company and customers vulnerable, contact a managed IT company. They can work with you to improve your security. 

Consider finding a company that offers 24-hour monitoring services as well. If there’s an attack, they’ll respond immediately. Their quick response times could help minimize the impact.

Choosing a managed IT service can keep your Dana Point business secure. It can also protect your reputation, allowing you to continue reaching customers. 

2. Services Are Costly

Many businesses are also concerned about the cost of managed IT solutions. 

The global information technology industry could reach $5.2 trillion by the end of 2021. Global IT spending might reach $3.92 trillion, too. More businesses are increasing their IT budgets.

These changes are due to:

  • The need to upgrade their IT infrastructure (57%)
  • Increased security concerns (38%)
  • Employee growth (32%)
  • Business revenue increases (26%)
  • Prioritizing IT projects (26%)
  • Changes in operations after COVID-19 (26%)

IT changes can improve your team’s productivity and, with it, your bottom line. You can:

  • Improve your overall ROI
  • Reduce application downtime
  • Optimize IT staff productivity
  • Reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure

Spending money on managed IT solutions can help you makemore money. You can set your team up for growth and success.

Without managed services providers at your side, you might continue using the break-fix method. Many businesses wait for IT problems to arise, then pause operations to fix the issue. This process can cause unnecessary downtime and frustration.

Instead, rely on your managed IT company. They’ll remain available to help.

You can even work with them to find areas where you’re overspending on IT needs. They can help you better utilize your budget. You’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

3. Quality Will Drop

Some businesses worry their operational quality will drop if they outsource IT. Others are concerned their internal IT department will suffer.

If you’re worried about a drop in performance, talk with your managed IT company. They can show you how they’ll improve your operational quality.

For starters, you’ll no longer have to rely on the break-fix method. Instead, your IT team can step in and review your current infrastructure. They can find potential issues you might not have recognized. 

Fixing these problems now can help you remain proactive. Instead of waiting for problems, you can find solutions ahead of time. 

4. Providers Won’t Consider Your Goals

Before you choose a managed IT service, outline your IT goals. The right managed IT company will consider your goals before building a customized plan. They’ll work with you to choose services based on your company’s needs.

With their help, you can improve your productivity, cut costs, and accomplish your goals.

They can help set your business up for success. 

5. You Have to Fire Your In-House Team

You don’t have to let your in-house IT team go if you hire a managed IT company. Instead, your IT provider can support your in-house team.

Your in-house team won’t have to worry about minor IT issues anymore. You can keep them focused on bigger projects. Meanwhile, your managed IT service provider can step in to help.

With managed IT support, you can boost your team’s productivity and finish projects on schedule. 

6. The Transition is Confusing

Many business owners are also concerned about the transition when introducing new technologies. They’re worried their employees will waste time trying to learn new software.

Your managed IT service provider can help. Ask if they offer training. They could help your team learn how to use these new tools.

Learning how to use these tools could benefit your team’s ability to work productively.

7. Technology is Key to Success

It’s true that using new technology can benefit your team’s productivity. It could help you work more efficiently, too. It might even help your team remain competitive.

It won’t solve every problem you face, though. You also don’t need to follow every trend.

Instead, work with your managed IT company. They’ll help you determine which trends are relevant to your business. 

8. Only Large Organizations Will Benefit

Both small and large teams can benefit from working with managed services providers. In fact, it could help you compete with larger companies.

Find a Dana Point IT support company that has experience working with businesses like yours. They’ll help you recognize opportunities your competitors are neglecting.

Then, you can improve your IT strategy to get ahead of the competition. 

9. All Providers Are the Same

Not all managed services providers are the same. You’ll need to find a provider that offers the experience, expertise, and services you need.

Make sure to choose a company based on your goals and needs. They’ll benefit your business in the long run. 

Myth Busting: 9 Myths About Managed Services Providers to Ignore

We have debunked several myths about MSP’s. Don’t let these nine myths about managed services providers impact your business. Instead, consider working with a Laguna Niguel managed IT company. They can help set your business up for success.

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