What is it and Ransomware.. and why should you care?

Ransomware is a serious threat to your businesses operations! When a hacker gains access to your network, they scan your systems for your important documents and databases. Once they’ve identified the data critical to your business, they begin to encrypt it, behind the scenes, without you noticing.

Later, when you go to access your programs or open your files, you receive a message that the document you are attempting to access is locked and the only way to unlock it is with a password. The password will only be given to you once you’ve met the hacker’s demands, usual payment in the form of bitcoin, which is not traceable.

With a little luck, you might be able to pay their demands and get the password to unlock your data, although we have seen instances where payments have been made and the passwords were never given.

Keep in mind, you are dealing with criminals. Don’t wait until this happens to you. We take actions to help prevent these attacks from happening but more importantly, we have the tools in place to help you recover from this sort of attack if you ever happen to fall, the victim.